Music while you cook:

Listening to music while I cook is a mainstay. It certainly takes the “work” out of it and imparts more “fun.” It can even set the mood for the meal itself. And it’s certainly better than watching bad game shows or the news while eating dinner!


It can be used as an inspiration, to set a theme, or to distract you from the monotony of the day and let your creative side shine while you’re making a fantastic meal. And can help generate conversation, as long as the music is at a conversation volume…and not a reference theater level volume.


I personally have used it not only when I am cooking indoors, but also when I am outside grilling and smoking. I have some outdoor speakers that are connected to my surround sound system that let me play whatever is on inside, or something completely different.


It doesn’t even need to be fancy…just your phone, or a boom box. (if you remember those) But there is something about the music that makes it all feel more fun.


Having music on when you dine can also be a heightened experience for those looking to add some other dimensions. Italian dinner nights can get some opera, taco night can get some salsa, (pun intended) Jamaican jerk chicken night can get some Reggae…you get the idea. It just creates a mood that is more festive.


I just think it makes the task of cooking, a little bit more fun, and a little less like work!



About 34BBQ

I am here to share my experiences in the culinary outdoors...and to get people grilling all year 'round! I am "culinary enthusiast" who studied the arts at Culinary and Wine Institute - University of South Carolina. I love food photography and BBQ and I like to cook using my outdoor grills as much as I can. -Jay

2 responses to “Music while you cook:”

  1. chillifan says :

    Hey Jay, liking the Xbox BBQ avatar.

    Good move on the outdoor speakers. As a kid when we had a BBQ we’d bring an old boombox out but the sound was always tinny.

    I don’t have any fancy sound setup indoors but have been using the same pair of monitors for around 20 years and figured something similar but weather resistant would be pretty cool for listening outdoors. These are what I considered

    Do you use something similar yourself?

    I definitely think it’s cool to have some music playing in the background when we’re eating outdoors, like you say at a conversation volume.

    • jaysgrill says :

      I use a very similar pair of outdoor speakers. I have had mine for almost a decade and they work quite well. Having them tied into my system from inside, I can listen to TV and music so I never miss a game! It’s also hooked up to the Xbox so I can listen to CD;s and streaming apps.

      Thanks for taking the time to write and checking out the blog. It’s good to hear that other people like to listen to music while they enjoy outdoor cooking!

      Thanks again,


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