Eat your heart out, Philly…super simple steak sandwich

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I have a go-to steak sandwich that is worth sharing. This one has has been a favorite for some time and I bring this one out as it is a top comfort food.

It’s pretty simple: steak on garlic bread. What could be better, right? Over the years I have narrowed it down to using select cuts that keep the price down because I usually try to feed a small hungry army and am forever trying to be thrifty about it.

The two cuts that I narrowed down to are:  the London Broil style and flank steak style. You can get into all kinds of terminology about the steak cuts, but that is for a different blog… Here’s a link on flank vs. hanger

I marinade my steak in a zip-top plastic bag and let it get to room temperature before cooking. That usually takes 30-45 minutes. For this quick after work dinner version I used Dale’s seasoning. Low sodium version, of course.

I threw a red onion on the grill with the steak along with some other veggies to round out the meal.

The absolute show stealer here is the grilled garlic bread. My recipe is easy.  One large french loaf (you can use any kind you like),  4 tbsp butter, 2 cloves garlic finely diced, and a handful of fresh thyme sprigs. Melt the butter, add garlic and thyme and brush on the inside of the loaf, split length wise. You can also add cheese here if you want, I use a Parmesan and mozzarella blend. Then sprinkle some crushed red pepper flakes on it.

Put the bread on the rack above your burners. If you don’t have a rack, use aluminum foil to cover.

Once your steak is at desired doneness, you’ll need to let that rest by putting it on a plate or cutting board and tenting with aluminum foil for at least ten minutes. Then slice on the bias, in thin strips. Put those on the grilled garlic bread with some grilled onions if you like.

Simple, ridiculously easy to shop for, tons of ways to improvise, and you have yourself a world class steak sandwich that would rival the best.



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