The tailgate superstar, the kebab

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Autumn is in the air and football season is on! It’s the most wonderful time of year to tailgate.  If you’re not a fan of football that’s ok, as long as you’re a fan of great food off the grill you’re in the target market.

While the word kebab means a lot of different things to a lot of different cultures, I define it as meat or veggies on a stick. Ultra portable, easy to cook and really easy to eat! It can be one of the most crowd pleasing, social, tapas style, trendy and delicious eats. Wiki:

With the NFL season kicking off on a Wednesday I can say that tailgating was not possible, but I still wanted to grill like I was at the stadium. One thing is for sure, the easier the better when grilling portable. If I were to do kebabs at the stadium, all my prep would be done at home and everything would be ready to just grill and eat once there and settled in at the designated parking lot.

With that in mind, I came home from work on Wednesday at 6pm with a plan. I was able to do all my prep like chopping veggies and marinading chicken. Then grill them  for dinner that would be ready by kickoff. I used simple ingredients and I skewered all my chicken and vegetables individually.  (See tips below)

I used sweet potatoes, red bell peppers,  and zucchini for vegetables. I brushed them with EVOO, rice vinegar, celery salt and pepper.

For the chicken I used a combo of bottled sauces that included peanut butter, tikka masala, shriracha, low sodium soy and a few drops of toasted sesame oil. I also added some lemon zest, rice vinegar and brown sugar. I whisked that up and put it in with cubed chicken in a zip-top bag for a 30-45 minute marinade.

Simple, delicious, easily eaten on the go, in the recliner or at your favorite tailgate spot. Not to mention, pretty darn good for you!

One veggie type per skewer (cooking time)
One meat per skewer (cooking time, chicken police)
Two pair of tongs are ideal
Soak your wooden skewers for at least 30 minute in water
If you use metal skewers, use flat ones (less spinning)
Make a dessert with fruit kebabs!



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