Quasi slow and low on a gas grill…BBQ cheat

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I love grilling big hunks of meat. It’s primal and manly, but in truth, there are many more practical and culinary reasons behind it. With traditional BBQ, you tend to cook at such a low temperature and for a much longer duration.

Last night I grilled a large pork loin on my Weber gas grill. I used a method that marries the high heat of direct grilling and finishes low and slow on the upper rack with indirect heat.  I preheated the front two burners until four hundres degrees, leaving the back burner off.

Going back to the big hunk of pork…the reason I buy them is to save money. There are clear benefits to buying in bulk and meat is definitely cheaper in the bigger cuts. It was a four pound loin, extremely lean and required very little preparation. In my case, I cut it in half to grill and the other half to cut into three quarter inch chops for a later day. This gives me four meals worth of pork for less then twelve bucks. Ka-ching!

Since this is a lean cut it makes sense to keep the cooking time down so it doesn’t dry out. The total prep time was less than ten minutes. There was a small amount of silver skin that I removed and cut it directly in half. Then I brushed it with olive oil and  dry rubbed with a BBQ style rub. Break out your favorites, mix and match, make your own rub…it all works with pork. The magic spices that highlight this style of blend are brown sugar, paprika, cayenne, garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper.

Throw that over the direct heat part and grill for approximately ten minutes per side. You just want to sear the outside and get good browning from that dry rub. Once that color is good and the crust starts to form, transfer it to the indirect portion of the gas grill. For me it’s over the back burner on the top rack. The temperature is still around four hundred degrees. Essentially you’re grilling then baking; all on your gas grill!

It will take anywhere from sixty to ninety minutes to finish, reaching the internal temp of one hundred fifty to one hundred fifty five degrees. After that you want to transfer that to a cutting board or plate and tent with aluminum foil to let the juices redistribute. THIS IS MUST! Let that sit for at least fifteen minutes before carving.

This can be used for just about anything, making it one of the most versatile pieces of meat. I just sliced it and ate it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make fajitas, stir fry, panini sandwiches, or just about anything where pork fits the bill.

This is by far one of the the simplest, quickest ways to grill and enjoy. Buy in bulk  when on sale and save yourself money.



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I am here to share my experiences in the culinary outdoors...and to get people grilling all year 'round! I am "culinary enthusiast" who studied the arts at Culinary and Wine Institute - University of South Carolina. I love food photography and BBQ and I like to cook using my outdoor grills as much as I can. -Jay

3 responses to “Quasi slow and low on a gas grill…BBQ cheat”

  1. barbeques galore says :

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  2. wendy@chezchloe says :

    I love to grill… so guess I’m kind of a manly chick:-) but not really! Happy to see that pizza on the grill in the last post. I’ve been wanting to try that. Thanks… wendy

    • jaysgrill says :

      LOL, Wendy!

      Grilling is a state of mind, and even better if you share with your friends and family. It certainly is primal, but it is made for everybody.

      Thank you for stopping by and checking it out and I hope you grill some pizza’s soon!


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