Happy Fourth of July!

July 4th 2012:

4th of July is probably the most active grilling day in all of America.  With the holiday falling on a Wednesday this year, we found ourselves joining friends to have a brunch-like food fest; getting together early in the day so we could all get back to the grind on Thursday.

It was an impromptu gathering of some of my “regulars” that all have massive amounts of talent in the kitchen and around the grills. There was an Israeli couscous salad with fresh cucumber, bell peppers and shallots served cold with a vinaigrette and a tomato and cucumber salad with feta and balsamic that was just as refreshing as it sounds. There was also grilled zucchini with buffalo mozzarella, fresh tomatoes with basil and peach balsamic, and chicken done lollipop style grilled to perfection.

My contribution to this was grilled pear halves drizzled in olive oil, salt and pepper. For the kicker, I seeded them with a grapefruit spoon (I had help – team effort) to leave a small divot in the bottom end, and trimmed the round side with a small one inch slice to make it flat on its bottom and stable on the grill. I grilled them face down to get some grill marks and soften them up.

After you flip, then stuff those divots with Gorgonzola cheese (or your favorite sharp cheese).  They are ready to come off the grill when the cheese is nice and bubbly.  Just beforehand, carefully drizzle a very small amount of organic honey on the cheese side of the pears. Enjoy!

Grill your fruit!












Big thanks to M&S, C&B, K&K, W&L, and S!








About 34BBQ

I am here to share my experiences in the culinary outdoors...and to get people grilling all year 'round! I am "culinary enthusiast" who studied the arts at Culinary and Wine Institute - University of South Carolina. I love food photography and BBQ and I like to cook using my outdoor grills as much as I can. -Jay

7 responses to “Happy Fourth of July!”

  1. jules- big girl bombshell says :

    You have inspired me. I grilled yesterday. While it was only garlic bread, I stepped out of my comfort zone of the old standard oven to heat the bread. I was shocked at the flavor of the bread just from stepping up to the grill.

    • jaysgrill says :

      How awesome! The grill is a great way to redo a lot of recipes that are done in the oven or on the stove top. Sounds delicious, too!


    • jaysgrill says :

      I just made some crustini’s with a loaf of French bread. Take a raw garlic clove and rub that on both sides. Lightly brush with olive oil and grill for a few minutes turning to get both sides to your desired crispiness. Top with a fresh heirloom tomato slice with a pinch of celery salt (I like Morton’s Natures Seasoning) and a hand torn basil leaf.


  2. Denise says :

    Have lots of zucchinis from my garden. I usually stir fry on stove top. Any grilling ideas please?

    • jaysgrill says :

      The simpler, the better IMO. I like to use my 1,2,3 method on zucchini.

      Fat (usually an oil)
      Acid (from citrus to vinegars)
      Spice (herbs, salts, peppers, etc…)

      Olive oil, white balsamic vinegar, smashed garlic clove, salt and pepper is my favorite. Marinade for 15-30 minutes in a zip-top plastic bag. Grill on med heat and be careful of the direct flame as the oil will create some flare ups, so I would watch them during the whole process. Make your cuts grill friendly so you don’t lose any through the grates. (try lengthwise)


  3. Loretta says :

    I’m glad Jules told us about your blog, Jay!

    Today my husband made all of dinner on the grill, thanks to your idea about grilling pears. He was hesitant, but agreed to try one pear. And I couldn’t talk him into the cheese on it.

    We cut it into 1/2″ slices, sprinkled with cinnamon/sugar (we don’t eat white sugar, so this was made from cinnamon and a great sugar sub called Z Sweet), and he grilled it about 7 minutes on first side, then 3 on other. Wow. Just… WOW.
    We also had burger patties and grilled asparagus. I felt like I was eatin at the Ritz! 😀

    • jaysgrill says :

      Thanks Loretta!

      I love grilling pears, both sweet and savory! I am also glad you got your husband to try something new. Most importantly it sounds like you have fun grilling some awesome food.


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